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My Background

I come from humble roots, Malden, MA. It was a colorful environment that exposed me to different ways of life – all very necessary skills for sales, business, and life.  I am one of 5 boys – all spanning 8 years from top to bottom, so we competed and fought for everything. We mixed it up and learned how to interact with all sorts and even learned how to win a street fight if we had to. Fortunately, we stayed on the right path (with some detours every once in a while…). We emerged from Malden with solid values and we learned the merits of hard work. I attribute my drive and success to my background, and I am thankful for that.


I believe education, hard work, and the ability to communicate are the keys to success. I am not talking about just education in the classic sense, the stuff you learn in a classroom, rather real world education too, as described above in my brief Bio. Learning, trying, failing….and eventually discovering your talents is the key to success. But, you have to work at it, constantly. It doesn’t just happen like in the movies. Communication skills are critical – you have to learn how to express yourself or you will be stuck in the corner. Take some chances. Keep learning, dig deeper, and you will continue growing and you will find your way. If you do what you like it will be fun and happen naturally.

I am a competitor in every sense of the word. I have learned to compete with my brothers and outside the house against better athletes, smarter students, other businesses…and I have learned to win by working harder than the rest. You know what? In the end, persistence beats smarts any day of the week. Business and Sales turned out to be my professional outlet.

Professional Summary

I have sold services all my career and have led 3 start-up businesses to success by applying basic blocking and tackling skills and a lot of energy and passion.

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7 thoughts on “Jonathan E Brickman

  • highvelocitysales

    I like the picture choice on your blog. I have the framed Successories “Lion and Gazelle” picture in my office. My story is similar but different. Dad grew up in tough times in Wisconsin, but did well as a Radiologist later in life. He told me one day not to expect to earn the same level of income he made. That ignited the competitive spark.

    Like you, I believe hard work, education and willingness to win is the key to success. You DO NOT have to be “naturally gifted”. Often other think you are naturally gifted because you put in the hard work and effort.

    Here’s to you Brick–an honest hard working sales leader.

  • Mary

    re: How do you know who to hire?
    I think you already know…you say you have been successful at making the right choices – too bad you missed out on me! In my opinion, you hire people who are driven to succeed by any or all of four things: Income, Job Satisfaction, Achievement and/or Recognition.
    In my experience, Income (possibilities) and Job Satisfaction are the most critical. However, these factors are all important – to different people on different levels. Additionally, you want to have people understand that the “I” in Team is important, but so is being a team player.
    The objective in working in any company goes back to Napoleon Hill – All of us working together in concert toward the common goal of building and growing our company.

    Best Regards-

    Mary Cook


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