If you are going to do it, then do it right!

In a world of tweets and all sorts of shortcuts, I think we are losing the focus on the basics and there is a real downside to this if we are rushing to communicate and our messages are not having the intended impact.

I have had clients inform me when they have received a proposal addressed to a misspelled name or when that same proposal has the wrong logo on the cover page…This may sound petty, but getting basics wrong can send a strong message; a message you don’t want to convey.  It is not far fetched for a prospect to get a poorly spelled proposal and then dismiss the offer because of what the lack of attention to detail represents about the organization.  I’ve seen it happen!

It may take more time to complete a proposal or a cover letter for an RFP, but if you take the time to carefully craft your communication it will have more impact.  Written communications are more important than ever these days now that most research is done via google and someone would rather view a web site first rather than speak to a live person.  It’s interesting that we are relying on basic communication more in a period of explosive technology!

But, many of us are either lacking in basic communication skills or are rushing through communications…so I think this is a real advantage if you are able to communicate more effectively.  I wonder if our universities are spending any more time teaching these skills so graduates are armed with necessary life skills as opposed to spending time teaching to solve a an obscure and impractical math problem?

When I hit “post” this communication is gone and I will be judged by what I have written so why would I not take my time and get it right?


Sales and Business Strategist
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