Negative feedback is where the game starts!

I don’t know what the statistics are but based on my real life experience, many successful sales outcomes begin with resistance or many times an outright rejection.  So what does this mean?

If you think about the psychology of sales for a moment, it is normal for someone to challenge a proposition in order to get more information to make an informed decision.  This is especially true the more complex and the more expensive the solution under consideration is.

The skill is knowing how to digest the negative feedback and respond effectively to continue moving forward in the process.  Remember, the buyer wouldn’t be engaged if they didn’t have a problem to be solved so the job is to help the buyer fully understand what you have and that you have a solution that makes sense.

I like to listen to cold callers to hear how they handle rejection.  99% of them just hang up instead of asking good questions to get me talking.  And most, never bother to call again.  That tells me a lot about the about the skill of the salesperson….and the fundamental lack of understanding of the sales process.

It’s a relationship, so treat every interaction as a data point along the continuum.

Good or bad, you are just getting the game started so learn how to play and win the game and your perspective will change dramatically.


Sales and Business Strategist
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