Use the right “tool” for the job!

This expression is true for any work around the house and one can extend this expression as a metaphor for hiring people.  Too often we pick up a hammer because it’s the most convenient tool in the box but it’s not the right tool to use for the job.

Execution is everything in business if you want to build a sustainable enterprise so I would say it’s eminently important to find the right people for the various roles in order to execute efficiently.  We all fall prey to the convenient hammer when we are pressed for time when we know we need a screwdriver for the job.

Yeah, the hammer might work for now and you can fill in the empty box in the org chart but chances are you will have to rip down the wall you built and start again if you want to add a room to an otherwise shaky foundation.

Building a team, building a business, is like building a house and if you want it to survive wind and rain and maybe add another room or two…you best make sure the foundation is solid.  With the right team on the bus you can go anywhere and know that you will get there.  With the wrong team, your destiny is uncertain so why not take the proper time to find the right tool for the job?


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