The window is always closing…

If you think of the opening you create to sell and close a deal, it’s a lot like a window that has been propped open and is big enough to crawl through; however, the longer you wait gravity starts to take hold and the window begins to close until finally it slams shut!!!  And then you have to spend time trying to pry the window open so you have another chance to get through the opening.

This sounds a lot like sales doesn’t it?  We spend a lot of time creating the opening and then it’s a race to get to the close before the opportunity slips away and there are many reasons why so my advice is to hurry through the opening while the window is wide open!


1. The decision maker leaves

2. The company misses it’s quarterly numbers

3. A competitor comes in with a last minute offer

4. Some unforseen external event happens

5. The brain kicks in and the buyer starts to second guess the decision

We had a transaction ready to close last week and suddenly the decision maker resigned and now we are back to square one with a new decision maker who may or not come to the same conclusion.

I guess I should have moved a little faster.  I have my pry bar out now…


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